Paper About Optical Fiber Microwire Current Sensor

This paper presents info about the polarization azimuth, polarization, microwire, magnetic, the faraday effect, noise, and microwire current sensor. Inside the paper you can get description related to magnetic field, polarization azimuth, fiber optic current, azimuth, responsivity, current responsivity, and current.

There are many things like faraday effect, current sensors, currents, sensors, noise equivalent current, current sensor, and frequency are presented inside this paper. Here are grabbed from this paper:

To impose higher frequency current signatures to the OFM current sensor, pulsed currents had to be used. it has to be stressed that 2 kHz is the highest frequency of continuous currents detected with a fiber optic current sensor exploiting the Faraday effect, exceeding previously reported continuous current values of less than 0:1 kHz [7,8,11]. 5, the noise amplitude for no signal current was measured to be 1:56 × 10−6 rad, 5 Hz bandwidth, yielding a noise-equivalent current value of pffiffiffiffiffiffi 0:04 A= Hz, using the measured current responsivity of 16:8 Æ 0:1 μrad=A.

Giving more content, the paper explains more such as sensor, current sensing, signal current, magnetic permeability, optic current, and the magnetic permeability.

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