Paper About Oxygen Sensor Evaluation for The Thetys Long Range AUV

Lots of discussion such as oxygen, sensors, the response time, sensor, and saturation are presented inside this paper. The paper contains things like oxygen sensor, the oxygen sensors, oxygen measurements, and calibration.

In the paper the reader can learn description such as response time, instruments, oxygen sensors, and dissolved oxygen sensors. The following are selected from the paper:

Oxygen Sensor Evaluation for the Tethys Long Range AUV Karen Parker, Moss Landing Marine Labs Mentors: Brett Hobson, Jim Bellingham Summer 2009 Keywords: Oxygen Sensors, SBE 43 polarographic membrane oxygen sensor, Aanderaa Optode ABSTRACT A long range AUV requires instruments which are small, consume low power and have a fast response rate. The response time was measured from the time the sensor was placed in the low oxygen solution to the time that it took to reach 63% of the transition time to it’s lowest stable oxygen level reading.

Giving more content, this paper contains more such as application, the oxygen sensor, oxygen saturation, and accuracy.

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