Paper About PMD Measurement Techniques-Avoiding Measurement Pitfalls

In this paper you can find information such as domain measurements, frequency range, bandwidth, interferometry, technique, spectral resolution, spectrum, polarization transfer, phase resolution, and output polarization. Many info regarding noise, polarimetric measurement techniques, wavelength, measurement technique, measurement noise, measurement techniques, polarization state, polarimetric measurement, and coherence interferometry are presented in this paper.

The paper presents discussion like measurement bandwidth, system, polarization dispersion vector, polarization transfer matrix, method, cavity, domain, modulation frequency, and coherence interferometric measurement. These are selected from this paper:

A moving fiber lead can change the output polarization state significantly, which results in a DGD error Multipath Interference: When multiple reflections occur within the measurement path, a cavity is set up where a fraction of 0.34 45 0.33 40 0.32 35 0.31 30 0.30 25 0.29 20 0 10 20 30 Temperature (C) Temperature should also be kept stable during a measurement − even for devices with relatively a low temperature dependence of their DGD.

Furthermore, the paper contains info regarding histogram, the measurement system, optical frequency, the frequency domain, bandwidth efficiency, resolution, spectral bandwidth, the measurement noise, and dispersion.

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