Paper About Polametric Fiber Laser Sensors

This paper tells us explanation regarding analyzer, spectrum, controller, the optical bandwidth, resonance frequencies, spectrum analyzer, electronic signal processing, and silicon photodiode. Inside this paper the reader can get description like rf spectrum analyzer, fiber laser sensor, the fiber laser, bandwidth, fiber laser, laser sensor, phase, and wavelength dispersion.

Lots of discussion such as lasers, sensor, polarization controller, the polarization controller, sensitivity, optical spectrum, cavity, and polarization analyzer are described in this paper. These are selected from this paper:

2 Many other forms of the fiber lasers have also been investigated, such as single-frequency lasers,3 mode-locked lasers with femtosecond pulse width,4 and wavelength-tunable lasers.5 In this Letter we propose and demonstrate a new use of the fiber laser as a fiber sensor based on the beating of two mutually orthogonal eigenpolarization modes in the fiber laser cavity. Although a small birefringence in the fiber laser cavity does not affect the AfL, it can cause a serious broadening of Afp when the optical bandwidth is broad and many longitudinal modes are lasing for each polarization modes.

Furthermore, this paper explains more things like wavelength, fiber lasers, optical, the laser output, the wavelength dispersion, frequency, and laser output.

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