Paper About Polarization Control of Polarimetric Fiber Laser Sensor

In this paper you can find things related to sensor, spectrum, laser, the laser cavity, and the pump polarization. This paper contains things around strain measurements, cavity, polarization, and fiber laser sensor.

Many information like laser sensor, conventional polarimetric sensor, rf spectrum analyzer, and spectrum analyzer are described in the paper. The following are excerpted from this paper:

Application of fiber sources to fiber sensors has also been studied mainly as an ideal source for fiber-optic gyroscopes that require high power, low temporal coherence, and high stability of the effective emission wavelength.4 Fiber Bragg gratings that are written directly in the fiber core by photosensitivity5 and that are used to form fiber-laser cavities have also been used as sensing elements, since the laser wavelength changes in response to the strain or the temperature change at the location of the grating.6′ 7 We recently reported a new form of fiber-laser sensor that is based on the beating between the two orthogonally polarized eigenmodes of the fiber-laser 8 cavity.

Even more, this paper tells the reader discussion about laser sensors, sensitivity, the fiber cavity, and polarimetric sensor.

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