Paper About Power Measurement Technique for Non-Sinusoidal Conditions

Many info such as measurement uncertainties, errors, techniques, frequencies, nonsinusoidal conditions, measurement techniques, systems, frequency response, frequency range, signal, sinusoidal situations, and method are described in the paper. The paper contains things around measurement, phase, reactive power measurements, power measurement techniques, frequency, sampling, voltage, signals, sinusoidal signal, power measurement, and sampling frequency.

Inside this paper the reader can find description regarding fundamental frequency, sinusoidal conditions, error, instrument, power measurement uncertainties, circuit diagram, metering methods, power, error analysis, equivalent circuit, methods, and digital sampling. These are chosen from the paper:

Power measurement techniques for non-sinusoidal conditions The significance of harmonics for the measurement of power and other AC quantities STEFAN SVENSSON Department of Electric Power Engineering CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Göteborg Sweden 1999 Doctoral thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Abstract The increased application of power electronics and other non-linear loads makes it necessary to re-evaluate the measuring techniques used in the power system, and the measuring problems these loads cause. The suggested definition starts by dividing the rms voltage and the rms current into fundamental and harmonic parts: 2 U 2 = U 12 + U H = U 12 + ∑ U n2 (70) 2 I 2 = I 12 + I H = I 12 + ∑ I n2 (71) n >1 n >1 The voltage and current are then multiplied to form the apparent power, and the power components (for balanced circuits) are suggested as: 2 2 2 S 2 = S12 + S N = P12 + Q12 + PH + N H + (U 1 I H ) + (U H I 1 ) 2 2 (72) where S12 = P12 + Q12 = (U 1 I 1

Also, the paper explains info such as calibration, analysis, discrete integration method, equation, uncertainty, measurements, power measurements, non sinusoidal situations, power measurement, current, and system.

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