Paper About Pressure Sensor Interface

Many discussion such as interface, signal, and pressure are explained inside the paper. The paper presents information related to sensor bridge, and sensor interface.

In the paper you can find description about sensor, pressure sensor, and pressure sensor interface. Here are grabbed from the paper:

Pressure sensor interface. In this application an interface is described to digitise a bridge type pressure sensor by means of the UTI and a low cost PIC processor. Due to the calibration option almost each type of pressure sensor can be applied with an accuracy of much more then 0.1 %. With this example it is very easy to build a pressure sensor (or other bridge type sensor) with both a analogue and a digital output. Pressure Sensor Bridge type UTI PIC16F873 PIC16F873 A/D CONV.

Giving more content, the paper contains info such as calibration, and the pic controller.

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