Paper About Printed Circuit Board Integrated Fluxgate Sensor

Lots of explanation about sensors, excitation, permeability, field sensor, detection range, magnetic fluxgate, excitation frequency, and range are described inside the paper. In this paper we can get things about magnetic fluxgate sensor, magnetic sensors, the magnetic core, circuit, fluxgate sensor, linear, and output.

This paper gives the reader information like excitation current, frequency, sensor, magnetic field, sensitivity, sensor’s sensitivity, and fluxgate magnetic sensors. Below are grabbed from the paper:

An example of such device for the sensitive detection of magnetic fields is the magnetic fluxgate sensor w1–3x. Magnetic offset Boffset of the fluxgate sensor as a function of excitation current Ie at 20 kHz, for the rectangular fluxgate without gap. Magnetic offset of the fluxgate sensor To evaluate the minimum detection limit of our fluxgate sensing devices, we have performed measurements of the magnetic offset of the fluxgate sensor Boffset .

Giving more content, this paper tells you more about fluxgate sensors, magnetic field sensor, magnetic field detection, an excitation current, detection, fluxgate sensor’s sensitivity, and the fluxgate sensor.

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