Paper About REactive Grasping Using Optical Proximity Sensors

Many info related to calibration, kinematic configuration, sensors, receiver, the sensor interpretation, reflectivity, and vision sensors are explained in this paper. This paper contains discussion regarding proximity, proximity sensors, experiments, distance controller, error, and proximity sensor.

Inside the paper you can find things about current, configuration, controller, design, range, surface characteristics, and distance. These are chosen from this paper:

Reactive Grasping Using Optical Proximity Sensors Kaijen Hsiao, Paul Nangeroni, Manfred Huber, Ashutosh Saxena, Andrew Y Ng Abstract— We propose a system for improving grasping using fingertip optical proximity sensors that allows us to perform online grasp adjustments to an initial grasp point without requiring premature object contact or regrasping strategies. (They are equal to 90◦ when the object surface is parallel to the finger surface.) One of the major challenges in the use of optical sensors is that intrinsic surface properties (such as reflectivity, diffusivity, etc.) cause the relationship between the raw sensor signal and the surface pose to vary significantly across different surface types.

Giving more content, the paper gives you more such as range vision sensors, optical proximity sensors, response, tactile sensors, calibration data, and optical proximity.

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