Paper About RF Power Measurement Techniques, Past, Present and Future

Lots of info about resolution, error, rms detection methods, bridge detection, accuracy, thermal bridge detection, rf power measurement, the diode detector, impedance, and signal are presented in the paper. The paper presents things regarding sensor, temperature compensation, the input frequency, rf power detectors, measurement system, power measurement, thermal bridge detectors, bridge detectors, thermal detector, and systems.

Inside this paper you can find information around the measurement system, measurement range, measurements, power measurement techniques, linear range, diode detector, diode detection, the thermal detector, overall accuracy, and ambient temperature. Here are grabbed from this paper:

RF Input 2 Input Balun 1 1 5 1 2 1 2 VGA 6 4 8 + Output 1 Squaring Circuits – 2 1 7 1 1 1 2 1 RF Sample 2 2 2 1 VCC_BAR VCC_BAR from a calibrated directional coupler and fed to a balun transformer whereby the impedance looking back to the input is maintained at 50 ohms. To illustrate the measurement range capability consider the following example: RF carrier power = 10 KW A half power measurement of 3 dB is 5KW At 40 dB down the system can still resolve 1 watt output In the case of an IBOC carrier added to the analog carrier above the total would be 10,100 Watts.

Also, this paper gives the reader info such as uncertainty, power detectors, the dynamic range, detection methods, measurement techniques, amplifier, peak power measurement, frequency, and detection.

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