Paper About Sensing Chair Using Pressure Distributions Sensors

The paper tells you things regarding systems, multimodal interface, interface, and accuracy. Inside this paper we can learn info about system, sensor, data, and face recognition.

Lots of discussion related to pressure, pressure distribution, posture tracking, and sensors are presented in this paper. Here are taken from the paper:

Studies of seats include the development of a measurement protocol and analysis technique for assessing pressure distribution in office chairs [23], the use of body pressure distribution measures as part of a series of tests for assessing comfort associated with five automobile seats [12], and an interesting review of how objective pressure measures can lead to improved aircrew seating with more evenly distributed pressure patterns, thereby potentially improving a pilot’s task performance by reducing or eliminating pain endured during high-acceleration maneuvers of the aircraft [5].

In addition, the paper contains more things like pressure distribution sensors, interfaces, multimodal interfaces, and classification algorithm.

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