Paper About Sensor Interface and Gesture Follower for Music Pedagogy

The paper presents info about markov chain, system, sensor, sampling rate, and sensor interface. There are lots of information regarding interfaces, wireless sensor, the xbee module, and applications are described in this paper.

In this paper we can learn info such as module, gesture follower, gesture, micro controller, and xbee module. These are taken from this paper:

The recent d evelopments in the field s of movem ent analysis and gestu re capture technology create app ealing opportunities for music pedagogy. For example, traditional in struments can be augmented to provide control over digital musical pro cesses, altering standard instrum ent practice and offering poten tially complementary ped agogical tools. Moreover, the dev elopment of novel electronic interfaces/instrum ents generates ev en more different paradigm s of music perform ance, giving rise to potential novel appro ach es in mu sic education.

In addition, this paper explains information about wireless module, recognition, wireless, and wireless sensor interface.

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