Paper About Single Crystal SiC Capacitive Pressure Sensor at 400 C

The paper contains information about measurement, temperature pressure sensors, sic pressure sensor, cavity, sensor, sensor characteristic response, and characteristic response. Lots of information such as characteristic, sensor capacitance measurement, response, sensing resolution, capacitive pressure sensor, and sensor capacitance are explained in this paper.

Inside this paper we can read description such as sensor characteristic, linearity, capacitance measurement, capacitive pressure sensors, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, and sensors. Below are excerpted from the paper:

SiC Pressure Sensor Cross-Sectional View Once the diaphragm touches the substrate at a designed touch point pressure, the sensor capacitance increases linearly with the pressure due to the linearly increasing touched area [6]. PSG Silicon Substrate Figure 3(a) Recession Formation PSG SiC Silicon Substrate Figure 3(b) 3C-SiC and PSG Deposition Silicon Substrate SiC PSG Sealed Cavity Silicon Substrate Figure 3(c) Wafer Bonding Sealed Cavity Sealed Cavity SiC Diaphragm Ni Contact PSG Silicon Substrate Ni Contact Figure 3(e) Contact Metallization Figure 3.

Additionally, the paper presents more about performance, piezoresistive, capacitance, characteristic curves, sensitivity, and pressure sensors.

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