Paper About Singlet Oxygen Sensor for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

There are lots of explanation related to excitation, fluorescence, laser pulse, sensor, and intensity are described in the paper. Inside the paper the reader can read description like photodynamic therapy, photodynamic, laser, and oxygen.

This paper tells you discussion such as therapy, singlet oxygen sensor, photodynamic cancer therapy, and cancer. Here are taken from the paper:

We report the progress on an optical monitor of singlet oxygen for use in photodynamic therapy (PDT), a promising treatment for cancerous tumors. A time-gating technique is used to directly monitor the emission of singlet oxygen at 1270 nm. Preliminary measurements of the lifetime of singlet oxygen in chloroform and acetone solutions are presented. 1. Introduction The overall goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a novel, sensitive monitor for singlet molecular oxygen O2(1∆). There is conclusive evidence from the literature that singlet oxygen is a primary active species in the emerging cancer therapy known as photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Even more, the paper explains info around tumor, photosensitizer, oxygen sensor, and diode laser.

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