Paper about Soft Multi-Axis Force Sensor

In the paper we can learn description related to stress, robotics, translation, hysteresis, layer, sensor, experimental setup, thin layer, multi axis force, sensitivity, current design, resistance, data acquisition, force, and stress sensor. This paper contains explanation related to electrical resistance, elastomer, multi axis, channel, response, soft force sensor, conductive liquid, microchannels, materials, soft, voltages, force sensor, plane, shear stress sensor, and bottom layer.

Lots of information around torque sensor, journal, microelectromechanical systems, translation stage, axis, pressure, sensing elements, design fabrication, shear, constant current, circuit, three sensing elements, stage, surface, and sensor output are explained inside this paper. Here are taken from the paper:

We describe the design, fabrication and characterization of a novel soft multi-axis force sensor made of highly deformable materials. The sensor is capable of not only measuring normal force and but also 2D in-plane forces. This soft sensor is composed of an elastomer (modulus: 69 kPa) embedded with microchannels filled with conductive liquid. Depending on the intensity and the direction of an applied force, the cross-section of some of the channels will be compressed, changing its electrical resistance. The channel dimensions of the current prototype are 200 µm × 200 µm and the overall size of the sensor is 50 mm × 60 mm × 7 mm. Characterization results showed sensitivities in the two principal in-plane directions of 37.0 mV/N and -28.6 mV/N, respectively.

Even more, the paper gives us information about normal forces, output voltages, sensor accuracy, elements, current, design, artificial skin, normal force, sensor signals, cross section, layers, compliant sensing, highly compliant sensing, and characterization.

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