Paper About soilless Root Subtrate pH Measurement Technique for Titatrion

Many discussion such as extraction, the neutralization requirements, ph, substrate acidity, neutralization requirement, neutralization, and complete reaction are explained in this paper. In the paper you can get description about procurement methods, alkalinity, measurement, acid–base reaction, method, capacity, and measurements.

This paper contains info around incubation time, titration, substrate solution, regression equation, standard error, reaction, and container capacity. These are grabbed from this paper:

Five factors that can influence the resulting pH values were investigated in this study and include amount of water added to substrate, method to procure substrate solution for pH determination, chemical form of base used, time allowed for acid–base reaction and the addition of CaSO4. A titration curve relating substrate solution pH to milliequivalents of base applied is a useful tool for comparing the neutralization requirements of various substrates or substrate components and neutralization capacities of different liming materials.

In addition, the paper gives you discussion regarding media extraction, reactions, saturated media extraction, incubation, incubation duration, and substrate solution procurement.

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