Paper About Study of Measurement Errors in Current Sensors in Air Gaps

In the paper you can get information such as accuracy, magnetic circuit, current sensors, distribution, crosstalk errors, the magnetic core, and errors. Many discussion around design, flux, toroidal core, measurement, currents, and sensors are described in this paper.

This paper presents information like magnetic flux, measurements, method, parameters, magnetic core, average error, and the magnetic flux. Here are grabbed from this paper:

A modelization of a toroidal current sensor with air gaps using the 3D finite element method is presented. The errors associated with this sensor have been evaluated and the experimental verification has been carried out. With this model we try to study the sensitivity to the crosstalk error of this kind of current sensors in function of two design parameters, the width of the air gap and the position of the sensor with respect to the cable carrying current. Key words: high current, sensor modelling, finite elements analysis, measurement error, air gaps. 1. Introduction The great increase in the performance of simulation tools over the last years allows today a more realistic description of the behaviour of current sensors. The numerical techniques let us to take into account effects like fringing and leakage fields, non linearity of magnetic materials, sensitivity to crosstalk and others in a more accurate way than with the conventional analytical methods.

Furthermore, this paper contains information such as the toroidal core, current sensor, magnetic field, sensor, the crosstalk errors, and magnetic flux density.

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