Paper About The Spatial Sensitivity Fucntion of Light Sensor

In the paper we can read description around response, sampling algorithm, light, the sensor response, gaussians, and the spatial sensitivity. This paper contains info like spatial sensitivity function, sensor, intensity measurements, the sensor’s response, measurements, and algorithm.

Many info related to sensor response, parameters, the sensor frame, measurement, nested sampling algorithm, and sensitivity are described in the paper. The following are some excerpt from this paper:

The sensor response function is given by an integral of the SSF-weighted albedo R ( xo , y o ) = ∫ dx dy SSF ( x − xo , y − y o ) S ( x, y ) (3) where S ( x, y ) is the surface albedo in the lab frame, and x′ = x − xo and y′ = y − yo transforms position from the lab frame to the sensor frame.

Furthermore, this paper presents information around intensity, spatial sensitivity, calibration, photodiode, and light sensor.

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