Paper About Towards a More Accurate Infrared Distance Sensor Model

This paper contains info regarding performance, the sensor noise, working range, distance, noise, sensor, regression, and insensitivity. Lots of information such as distance measurements, sensor performance, sensor output, distance sensor, distance measurement, equation, and linear regression are described inside the paper.

Inside the paper we can get info about deviation, distances, output voltage, characteristic, sensors, infrared sensor, measurement, and the distance sensor. These are taken from this paper:

Towards a more Accurate Infrared Distance Sensor Model Paulo Malheiros, José Gonçalves and Paulo Costa INESC Porto – Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto Porto, Portugal Email:,, Abstract This paper presents the stochastic modelling of an infrared distance sensor. Section 3 explains how the sensor should be attached to a robot having in mind the minimal distance and the sensor positioning while facing an obstacle, it also describes the dependability of the sensor measures while facing obstacles with different angles.

Giving more content, this paper contains info such as output, sensor noise, standard deviation, the sensor output, infrared distance sensor, infrared, and range.

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