Paper About Use of Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor to Titrate PEEP

This paper contains info like respiratory, transcutaneous oxygen sensors, respiratory management, oxygen tension, and output measurements. Lots of info such as normal range, oxygen monitoring, transcutaneous, and output are described in this paper.

In this paper you can get things like transcutaneous oxygen, pressure, cardiac output measurements, sensors, and sensor. Here are selected from the paper:

The relationship of transcutaneous oxygen tension (PtCO2) to arterial oxygen tension (Pao2), pulmonary shunt (Qsp/Qt), mixed venous oxygen tension (No2), and 02 delivery was determined in patients with respiratory failure in order to explore the possible usefulness of Pt,02 to titrate the level of positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP). Transcutaneous oxygen sensors were applied to the chest of surgical ICU adult patients who were in acute postoperative respiratory failure. The patients had mechanical ventilation with volume ventilators and an intermittent mandatory ventilation (IMV) rate, which allowed normal pH and arterial CO2 tension ventilation (Paco2).

In addition, this paper contains more things like respiratory failure, the transcutaneous oxygen, oxygen sensors, and measurements.

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