Paper About Using Infrared Sensor for Distance Measurement in Mobile Robot

This paper tells us discussion such as equation, the relative error, response, maximum range, sensor, the amplification noise, and distance. Lots of information related to distance measurements, sensor output, range, method, distance estimation, resolution, and noise are presented inside this paper.

In this paper the reader can get description about infrared, sensors, systems, measurement, errors, sensitivity lobes, and measurements. These are chosen from this paper:

271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 that only angles between −45◦ and 45◦ are of interest for this study, given that the octagonal layout of the IR ring of YAIR makes it difficult to obtain greater angles of incidence within the range of 1 m of distance.) After the estimation of the angle of incidence, it is now possible to obtain the compensated distances x1 and x2 , using the following formula: √ √ x1 = x1 cos θ, x2 = x2 cos θ, (14) tan θ R =√ . 3, the following expression can be written to obtain the relationship between εθ and εy : (x1 + εx1y ) − (x2 + εx2y ) tan(θ + εθ ) = , L (25) x1 3 x2 3 εy 1 − εy 2 .

Giving more content, this paper contains information things like the standard deviation, estimation, infrared sensors, distance measurement, response times, and amplitude response.

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