Paper About Z-Tiles : Building Blocks for Modular, Pressure Sensing Floorspace

The paper presents information such as sensor network, resolution, systems, and applications. In the paper the reader can get information like sensors, application, and real time.

Many info related to pressure sensors, protocol, response, and sensor are described in this paper. These are taken from the paper:

A new interactive floorspace has been developed which uses modular nodes connected together to create a pressuresensitive area of varying size and shape, giving it the potential to be integrated into an interactive environment. The floorspace uses an array of force-sensitive resistors on each node to detect pressure, and that pressure information is output by way of a self-organised network formed by the floor nodes. This paper describes the pressure sensing and network systems, suggests potential applications of the floorspace, and introduces the further research on innetwork data aggregation being carried out using the system’s framework. As with the previously mentioned systems, the primary application for which our new system was designed was an interactive dance floor, with performance requirements, such as sensing resolution and response time, based upon what is necessary for such an application.

In addition, this paper gives you information such as the pressure sensors, pressure sensor, and algorithms.

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