Paper: Evaluation of Commercial Force-Sensing Resistors

This paper tells the reader explanation around force, measurement, dead weight, weight test, electronic musical instruments, data, force sensing, testing, flexiforce sensor, lusense sensors, resistance drift, response, and instruments. There are many info around variation, applications, sensors, evaluation, conductance, pre load calibration, resistance data, testing machine, calibration mass, resistors, interface, sensor, and solenoid are explained in the paper.

Inside this paper the reader can find information like hysteresis test, resistance, load calibration mass, drift, touch sensors, sensing, precision, load, weight tests, sensing resistors, design, musical interface, and interface design. Below are excerpted from the paper:

In this work, we performed two separate tests: a deadweight test and a ramped force test, both using on a Model 402 Interlink FSR, a 12 mm LuSense PS3 Standard 151, and a Tekscan FlexiForce A201 sensor. 2.2 Ramped Force (Hysteresis) Test A second test setup was created to apply a dynamic force to the sensors in order to measure the hysteresis and resistance versus force characteristics. We tested the resistance drift with time and the hysteresis of each sensor for multiple load conditions, as well as the time it took the sensors to reach their final resistance values.

Also, the paper explains discussion around musical instruments, noise, rest state, setup, weight, sensing area, load cell, control, force data, music technology, hysteresis, load calibration, and interaction.

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