PaperAbout Internet Based Power Measurement Technique

The paper gives the reader information regarding sensing circuit, temperature sensor, the internet interface, measurement data, and voltage transformer. In this paper we can read info like watt hour transducer, data acquisition, current transducer, internet interface, and interface.

There are lots of discussion like the current transducer, converter, interface unit, power consumption, and sensor are described in this paper. The following are taken from this paper:

Internet Internet AC Voltage AC Current Pulse Count Measuring Module Internet Interface Unit Temperature Internet Interface Unit Rectifier A/D Converter Address Control Register Amplifier Rectifier Counter Current Transducer Fig. Design Speciļ¬cations The main objectives of this project were as follows: to take voltage and current measurements and convert all this analog data into digital data, make temperature measurements, make Watt-hour transducer measurements and send this information to the Internet interface unit.

Even more, this paper gives us discussion things like measuring module, measurement, transducer, internet interface unit, and temperature measurements.

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