PAR Light Sensor Product Manual

This product manual gives us information such as field scout light, warranty, product, and watchdog data logger. There are lots of information such as data logger, light sensor, logger, and data cable are explained in the product manual.

In the product manual the reader can read things about light, plant, sensor, and fluorescent lights. Below are grabbed from the product manual:

Position the sensor in an appropriate area that monitors the plant conditions. Make sure the PAR sensor is not being shadowed or blocked by another external sensor. Contact your cooperative extension agricultural agent for further suggestions on field placement. Inspect the sensors frequently to make certain the sensors are still level and clear of obstructions. Place PAR Light sensor in a position that it will mimic the sunlight the plant is getting, while being within reach of external WatchDog data port.

Giving more content, this product manual tells the reader discussion around specware software, data, spectrum, and par light sensor.

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