Parallax Sharp GP2D12-Analog Distance Sensor Datasheet

In the datasheet the reader can learn explanation such as converter, the voltage output, distances, and analog distance. Lots of info such as digital converter, distance sensor, and distance are explained inside the datasheet.

This datasheet contains things around circuit, voltage output, data, and analog. Below are grabbed from this datasheet:

The Sharp GP2D12 is an analog distance sensor that uses infrared to detect an object between 10 cm and 80 cm away. The GP2D12 provides a non-linear voltage output in relation to the distance an object is from the sensor and interfaces easily using any analog to digital converter. Features • • • • High immunity to ambient light and color of object No external control circuitry required Sensor includes convenient mounting holes Compatible with all BASIC Stamp® and SX microcontrollers

Even more, this datasheet presents information around supply voltage, analog distance sensor, and sensor.

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