Pasco Model CI-6746 Economy Force Sensor

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There are lots of info such as mount hole, hanging mass, input, computer interface, inclined plane, dynamics cart, motion, input signal, mounting, constant force arrange, program, computer program, instruction, economy, friction cart, mount, computer interface force, dynamics track, constant, and pulley are presented inside the instruction sheet. The following are taken from the instruction sheet:

This version of the force sensor has an output between -8 volts and +8 volts and a range between -50 newtons and +50 newtons. In other words, it produces -8 volts for -50 newtons, 0 volts for “zero” force, and +8 volts for +50 newtons. (A push is considered to be positive, and a pull is considered to be negative.) The sensor has strain gauges mounted on a specially designed “S-bend beam”. The beam has built-in over-limit protection so it will not be damaged if a force greater than 50 newtons is applied. The Force Sensor consists of the housing for the beam and electronics, a cable with a 8 pin DIN plug for connecting to the computer interface, and a detachable hook.

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