Pipe Temperature Sensor Model TY783

The product specification contains information about fluid leakage, terminal, connection, flow velocity, element, pipe shape, flow, choking pipe, temperature ranges, electric shock, mounting, specifications, shock, and allowable flow. Inside the product specification we can get description around single element, seal connector, cable, measuring range, corrosiveness, insertion length, pipe, installation, product, connection flange, screw, insertion, models, and pipe temperature sensor.

Lots of info around improper handling, part numbers, resistance, instructions, screwed connection, fluid temperature, process fluid temperature, joint, dimensions, device, hexagonal terminal, mounting orientation, mounting orientations, and pipe temperature are explained inside the product specification. Here are excerpted from this product specification:

Model TY783 is an immersion temperature sensor. Its Pt100 resistance (equivalent to JIS* C1604 Class A) output, in combination with a electronic device with Pt100 input, is used for temperature control, indication, and recording of the process fluid in a pipe, tank, or heat exchanger. Model TY783 is also used as a temperature sensor for a duct or chamber. To mount the sensor into the flow path of the liquid, insert the thermowell against the flow. If the thermowell cannot be inserted against the flow, insert the thermowell diagonally to the flow. If the thermowell cannot be inserted diagonally, insert it perpendicularly to the flow.

In addition, this product specification gives us information around outer sheath, fluid, sensing, elbow pipe, screwed connection weld, temperature, heat, terminal strip, velocity, sensing element, boiling point, caution, device failure, and temperature sensor.

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