Pisco Small Sized Pressure Sensor

The datasheet presents info around operating temperature range, load, reference temperature, specifications, display, power, standard, temperature characteristics, accuracy, line installation, pressure indication, and adjustment. There are many info like temperature, storage temperature, safety instructions, indicator, collector, hummidity, storage, semiconductor pressure switch, pressure sensors, power consumption, detection, and voltage are presented inside the datasheet.

Inside this datasheet we can read info related to atomospheric pressure hummidity, protective structure, pressure setting, output, power requirements, temperature range, sensor, hummidity range, storage temperature range, instructions, pressure, and atomospheric pressure. These are grabbed from this datasheet:

Use of an analog output type and indicator (SED30-series) has made a separate display system possible. Our small-sized pressure sensors can handle “positive pressure,” “negative pressure” and “Compound pressure”. Concerning output, a total of six different specifications are prepared.

In addition, the datasheet presents more about operating hummidity, indication element, rated pressure, response, pressure type, sensor heads, safety, quick fitting, installation, pressure switch, and setting.

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