Point Sensor Temperature 3006-21 User Manual

In the user manual you can read info regarding temperature, battery life, packet, equipment, error, internal thermistor, and installation status. Lots of explanation regarding interference, receiver, rules, quiescent state, removing the battery, wireless, and sensor are presented inside this user manual.

This user manual presents things about mode, wireless temperature sensor, operation, device, transmission, temperature sensor, and data. Below are selected from this user manual:

The Point Sensor Temperature sensor has an on board time of day clock that allows it to spend most of the time in a low power quiescent state. At predetermined time intervals the clock will wake up the onboard microprocessor. Onboard calibration tables provide a linear temperature output using an internal thermistor. This information is combined with a CRC-16 error check and transmitted in a very short data packet that results in a very short transmitter on-time.

Giving more content, the user manual contains discussion about data packet, radio, transmitter, point sensor, onboard calibration, installation, and unique serial number.

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