Polar CS Speed Sensor User Manual

Many explanation around device, equipment, the speed sensor, electronic devices, and sensor are described inside the user manual. In the user manual the reader can find info around modifications, accumulators, battery, and frequency.

This user manual presents info about speed, cs speed sensor, digital device, interference, and speed sensor. Here are grabbed from the user manual:

POLAR CS SPEED SENSOR W.I.N.D. Fine-tune the positioning of both the magnet and the speed sensor so that the magnet passes close to the sensor but does not touch it. Speed Sensor Teaching Your new speed sensor must be introduced to your Polar training computer in order to receive speed and distance data. The Polar training computer and sensor that came with the product set have already been synchronized but teaching is necessary when you start using a new sensor.

Also, this user manual tells you info regarding batteries, harmful interference, distance, and installation.

Download Polar CS Speed Sensor User Manual pdf
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