PPX Series CKD Digital Pressure Sensor

Inside this user manual the reader can learn information such as pressure range, output, ppx, product, pressure, connector, circuit, display, and display section. Lots of info around power, zero adjusting input, pressure unit, voltage output, analog voltage, sensor, analog voltage output, and standard are explained in this user manual.

This user manual presents information such as hysteresis, master side sensor, pressure sensor, sensor ppx series, safety, rated pressure, switching, and voltage. Here are grabbed from the user manual:

PPX PPX Tension controlling buffer FBU2 Contact conīŦrmation PPX Intro 1 Safety precautions Always read this section before starting use. When designing and manufacturing a device using CKD products, the manufacturer is obligated to check that device safety mechanical mechanism, pneumatic control circuit, or water control circuit and the system operated by electrical control that controls the devices is secured.

Also, the user manual contains discussion about transistor, cable, current, function, indicator, response time, input, and window comparator mode.

Download PPX Series CKD Digital Pressure Sensor pdf
File size: 2.119 MB, number of pages: 40, download server: www.bibus.co.uk
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