Precise Distance Measurement

Inside this paper the reader can get info such as standard ultrasonic, transmit, signal loss, arrival time, ultrasonic signal, actual distance, ultrasonic transit, echo, the optical pulse, meters, pulse response, ultrasonic pulse, and the ultrasonic receiver. Many discussion regarding transducer, transmitter, an ultrasonic pulse, ultrasonic transmitter, sensor, impulse, precise, distance meters, transmitter unit, ultrasonic, ultrasonic receiver unit, block diagram, and measured are presented in this paper .

This paper contains information regarding ultrasonic receiver, ultrasonic transit time, comparator, sensors, rise time, microcontroller, receiver, response, the receiver unit, distance, signal, transmitter transducer, and pulse. Here are some excerpt from the paper :

SIcon/05– Sensors for Industry Conference Houston Texas, USA, 8-10 February, 2005 An Ultrasonic/Optical Pulse Sensor for Precise Distance Measurements Darold Wobschall, Ming Zeng and Bhooma Srinivasaraghavan Department of Electrical Engineering, University at Buffalo, Amherst, NY 14260 and Esensors, Inc., Amherst NY 14226 Abstract – The combined ultrasonic transit time and optical pulse method described here is an improvement over the standard ultrasonic echo by providing a lower signal loss and more precise location of sensor reference points, specifically the transmitting and receiving transducers.

Furthermore, this paper tells us more around optical signal, output, the ultrasonic pulse, transducers, the ultrasonic transmitter, receiver transducers, ultrasonic sensor, receiver unit, transmitter and receiver, system, optical pulse, and amplifier.

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