Presentation About 1-50MHz VHF EMI Sensor-Instrumentation Sensor Circuit

Many explanation around instrumentation sensor, instrumentation, vhf emi sensor, and error are explained in this presentation. Inside the presentation the reader can find explanation around output voltage, accuracy, and power measurement.

This presentation presents explanation like bandwidth, performance, and emi sensor instrumentation. Below are selected from the presentation:

EMI Instrumentation Sensor Purpose: Ascertain shielding integrity Means: Measure power attenuation across shielded enclosure System: 1. Sense external/internal EMI presence w/ external/ internal antennae 2. Interface circuit 3 Sensors: Radiation Approach: Measure VHF radiation through a barrier How: Translate electromagnetic (EM) signal to source voltage 4 2 Power Measurement: Temperature Approach:

Additionally, the presentation contains information around sensor, measurement, and sensor instrumentation.

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