Presentation About Advanced Light Sensor for Smart Lighting Applications

Inside this presentation we can get info about capability, sensor, detectors, light intensity, light, and applications. There are lots of information about wavelength, sensors, circuit, sensitivity, and passive light modulation are explained inside the presentation.

This presentation presents explanation such as communication circuits, sensor communication, detection, modulation, and spectrum. Here are grabbed from the presentation:

 Future phases of work involve using InGaN with energy gap corresponding to visible light 19 Use of InGaN in SAW sensors – Bandgap of InGaN ranges from 1.9 eV (InN) to 3.4 eV (GaN) and can thus be useful to span most of the visible spectrum (400-700 nm) – Theoretical modeling and calculations for InGaN layers on c-sapphire predict InGaN compounds to have lower SAW velocity and higher electromechanical coupling coefficients than GaN Risks and Benefits • Novel aspects of this project: – Sensors work at high frequencies and can be read out wirelessly without intricate circuitry – Simple planar design of the sensor – Risks/challenges: – Obtaining high quality 2-3 um thick films of InGaN on sapphire – Potential applications & benefits: ― Different IDT widths imply different frequencies of operation – unique signatures at the device level ― The visible light sensors will then be investigated for use in visible light communication and adaptive lighting systems ―

In addition, this presentation contains discussion regarding sensor design, photodetectors, control system, communication, and light sensors.

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