Presentation About Close loop Current Sensors with Magnetic Probe

This presentation gives you explanation such as current sensors, magnetic probe, loop current sensors, compensation current, current, and error. In the presentation we can find explanation such as sensors, amplifier, magnetic flux, sensor, and loop current sensor.

Many things related to magnetic module, differential amplifier, linear amplifier, magnetic, and current sensor are presented in the presentation. These are selected from this presentation:

What is a Open (OL)/ Closed Loop (CL) Current Sensor (CS) ? HF probe Ip LF probe UA /IA Ip LF probe OL CS sense primary current by measuring magnetic flux in air gap of magnetic core. Flux converted to output voltage/current CL CS add feedback for LF probe to improve accuracy of measurement + immunity to perturbations UA /IA Improved HF properties with „current transformer“ added Ip HF probe UA /IA LF probe CL CS use „current transformer“ for measuring HF currents feedback Closed Loop Current Sensors with Magnetic Probe 14.03.07

In addition, this presentation tells us discussion around magnetoresistive probe, voltage output, output voltage, saturation, and compensation.

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