Presentation About CMOS Imaging Sensor-George Yuan 2010

Lots of info regarding read out circuit, range, noise, sensor, dynamic range, and circuit are described in this presentation. The presentation contains explanation regarding photodiode, cmos imaging sensors, floating drain, imaging sensor, pixel sensor noise, and sensor photodiode.

Inside the presentation the reader can read info around pixel sensor, passive pixel sensor, column amplifier, circuit noise, dynamic range imaging, and pattern noise. Below are some excerpt from this presentation:

© George Yuan, HKUST 8 Double CDS © George Yuan, HKUST 9 An CIS Example • 1k×1k imager, 30Hz frame rate, 72dB dynamic range, read-out temporal noise <10e– linear quantization: 12-bit – LSB: 0.4mV (1.6-V signal range) – Temporal noise: 0.16mVrms (16uV/e-, 10fF Cint) – Column speed: 0.3ms processing time, 30kHz ADC © George Yuan, HKUST 10 Low-noise Amplifier C1 C0 © George Yuan, HKUST 11 Wide Dynamic Range C1 C0 © George Yuan, HKUST 12 ADC • Successive approximate ADC • Cyclic ADC • Single-slope ADC © George Yuan, HKUST 13 Cyclic ADC © George Yuan, HKUST 14 Noise Cancellation Phase Input Sampling © George Yuan, HKUST Charge Transfer 15 Cyclic Algorithm Odd Phase © George Yuan, HKUST Even Phase 16 Single-slope ADC Column voltage © George Yuan, HKUST 17 Comparator 1.1uA © George Yuan, HKUST 18 Outline • Introduction • CMOS imaging sensors – – – – – Passive pixel sensor Photogate-based active pixel se

Giving more content, this presentation presents information such as analog processing, sensor noise, noise sources, active pixel sensor, imaging sensors, and range imaging sensor.

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