Presentation About Distance Measuring Sensor-Working Principle

Inside this presentation we can get info about output voltage, distance measuring sensor, distance, distance measuring, and distance measuring. This presentation presents things such as output, current ratio, the sensor output, and working principle.

Many information such as ratio, sensor output voltage, sensor, measuring sensor, and voltage are described in this presentation. Below are selected from this presentation:

The position on the PSD of the reflected light differs in dependence of the distance of the object The current ratio of l1 / l2 depends on the reflection position on the PSD The sensor output voltage depend on l1 / l2 ratio and enable the calculation of the distance Benefits* Independent of operation and ambient temperature, colour of object to detect, texture of surface and product lifetime Analogue and digital output signal sensor line-up Measuring distances from very short reach 0,45 cm up to 550 cm Possible to connect directly to a micro-processor High speed distance measuring cycles down to TYP. 8 ms

Giving more content, the presentation explains discussion around principle, sensor output, the current ratio, and distance.

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