Presentation About IAI-DVT Sensor/Vision Interface

There are lots of things such as serial communications, the iai controller, and system are described inside this presentation. This presentation contains discussion like controller, interface, and data.

In the presentation the reader can read info around application, sensor, and the dvt system. The following are taken from this presentation:

end effectors, PLC’s, etc) CONFIGURING PRODUCTS ON THE DVT DVT • The DVT has a simple, easy to use PC interface software package called FrameWork • Product configuration is determined by the use of DVT’s SoftSensors • Various SoftSensors give the ability to measure object position, rotation, and intensity • After an initial image is obtained, the Framework software is used to easily placed on the object • Some fine-tuning is often required to ensure that the SoftSensors are placed optimally • Converting from the DVT pixel information to the real world is achieved by a math SoftSensor • Simply choose two distinctive points on the object and obtain both pixel and IAI coordinates for each point using a combination of FrameWork and SELWIN • This completes the product setup for the vision system • Repeat these steps for all desired objects for the application SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN THE DVT AND THE IAI • The serial string to communicate the data from the

In addition, the presentation tells the reader discussion regarding the framework software, and the vision system.

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