Presentation About Photocurrent Measurement Technique

There are lots of information about photocurrent voltage, photocurrent measurement, photoconductive, and photoconductive gain are explained inside this presentation. Inside this presentation you can find description regarding nanosystems, photocurrent measurement techniques, schematic, and measurement techniques.

The presentation gives you things around photoconductive gain effect, molecules, photocurrent, and techniques. These are chosen from this presentation:

Photocurrent measurement techniques (Nanosystems I – Seminar – 1.12.08 @ WSI) Photocurrent/-voltage (p-n junction) [5] Band structure at complete separation of p- and n-doped semiconductor Band alignment after contacting Distribution of the space charge [5] Qualitative distribution of donors, acceptors, electrons and holes Schematic view of a p-n junction in thermal equilibrium

Giving more content, the presentation explains more things like measurement, photocurrent, and thermal equilibrium.

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