Pressure Sensor for Refrigerator and HVAC Applications

This product data contains information such as instrument, steel, emission, stainless, pressure, refrigeration circuits, temperature, range, and pressure sensor. Inside the product data you can get description such as corresponding protection class, output signal, pressure sensor type, condition, transmitter, pressure, connector, and circuits.

Many info regarding brass, sensor element, protection degree, corresponding protection, protection, signal, pressure connection, and protection class are explained inside the product data. These are chosen from this product data:

Pressure Sensor Transmitter Type PSR is used in refrigeration circuits to measure the refrigerant’s pressure. The Pressure Sensor Transmitter PSR can be used according to its measuring range in the liquid line, in the injection line, in the hot gas line and in the suction line of refrigeration circuitsThe pressure prevailing within the application is transformed into a standardised electrical signal through the deflection of the diaphragm, which acts on the sensor element with the power supply fed to the transmitter. This electric signal changes in proportion to the pressure and can be evaluated correspondingly.

Giving more content, the product data contains discussion about port, power, stainless steel, power supply, applications, connection, immunity, and pressure sensor.

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