Pressure Sensor from Smartec

The product specification tells the reader info around temperature dependent, atmospheric pressure, temperature range, gauge, excitation voltage, smartec, and excitation. In this product specification the reader can find explanation like resistors, range, silicon resistors, connection diagram, pressure sensors, span, and sensor.

Lots of discussion around gauge type, linearity, silicon, full temperature range, temperature, coefficients, and temperature coefficients are described inside the product specification. Here are some excerpt from this product specification:

The excitation of the sensor can be AC or DC. Specifications are given with a DC excitation of 5V. In order to avoid electrical breakdown it is advised not to exceed the maximum values given. Offset The offset value is the electrical output voltage (imbalance) of the pressure sensor when zero pressure is applied. The offset value for the absolute type is determined by extrapolating the measured values at two different pressures (atmospheric air and 0.05 Bar). The pressure in reference chamber is about 25 mTorr (3.33 Pa). Temperature coefficients Silicon resistors are very temperature dependent. The overall drift of the resistors is not of interest to most users (The bridge resistors are located on the same die).

Giving more content, this product specification presents information about resistance, voltage, offset value, pressure sensor, offset, bridge resistance, and pressure.

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