Pressure Sensor with Unified Output Signal

There are many discussion around system, absolute pressure, measuring range, instrument, range, class, type, equipment, transducers, differential pressure transducers, technical requirements, and measured current are explained in this technical note. The technical note presents discussion around calibrated barometer, measurement, range limit, accuracy class, metrological requirements, permissible error, atmospheric pressure, differential pressure, temperature, testing room, relative humidity, and method.

In this technical note we can learn things regarding calibration, signal, testing, output, current, influence, error, current output, voltage, information, measurement range, and supply. These are grabbed from this technical note:

The recommended set-up for absolute gas pressures is presented in Figure 2. The principle of pressure generation is the same as for the relative gas pressures, however, it is important to add a vacuum pump A upstream from the inlet valve, so that pressures below the atmospheric pressure can be generated, and a vacuum pump B (if necessary) for the reference pressure and an instrument to measure the reference pressure (if necessary). In order to ensure the cleanliness of the pipes, the vacuum pumps must be equipped with suitable accessories (such as traps and venting valves). In the case of absolute pressures greater than atmospheric pressure, it is acceptable to use reference equipment for relative pressures and to measure the atmospheric pressure with the aid of a barometer.

Giving more content, the technical note presents information about pressure point, verification, maximal permissible error, accuracy, limit pressure current, pressure transducers, pressure source, transducer, operations, output signal, and pressure.

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