Pressure Sensors Catalog from Parker Pneumatic

Many info about connector, pneumatic pressure sensors, collector, shock resistance, range, circuit, vibration resistance, output circuit, specifications, valve, power, and load are presented in this catalog. This catalog tells you discussion about auto surveillance, signal, hysteresis mode, features, window comparator mode, supply, voltage, error, comparator, pressure, setting, and operating temperature.

In this catalog we can learn explanation related to display, response, electrical connection, output response, mounting bracket, hysteresis, thermal error, solenoid valve, comparator mode, system, pressure range, and sensors. Here are chosen from the catalog:

Selecting a Parker Pressure Sensor for an application is more than just selecting the correct operating range of the sensor. Electromechanical pressure sensors convert the applied pressure to an electrical signal. When pressure is applied, the diaphragm is deflected causing the diffused resistors to change resistance (piezoelectric effect), which yields an electrical signal proportional to the pressure change. Applications for pressure switches are numerous and important in today’s high-tech manufacturing environment.

Furthermore, this catalog tells you discussion around hazardous environments, pressure sensor, pneumatic sensors, current consumption, programming, switch, display options, sensor, output, surveillance mode, and pressure ranges.

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