ProcessProbe™ Dissolved Oxygen Sensor from LTH Electronics

In the product sheet the reader can get information related to oxygen, temperature, cathode, dissolved oxygen, and layer. Lots of discussion related to electrode current, membrane, stainless steel, constant, and modular design are described in the product sheet.

The product sheet presents explanation about flow dependence, assembly, current, pressure, and dissolved oxygen sensor. The following are some excerpt from the product sheet:

The construction of the ProcessProbe™ dissolved oxygen sensor provides a measurement system that is ideal for use in variable flow conditions or applications of extended duration. The sensor comprises of a silver anode tube positioned over a glass rod into which is fused the platinum cathode. The tip of the glass rod is ground to a precise hemispherical curve that supports the membrane and ensures an optimum pressure is maintained between the membrane and the cathode. With most oxygen sensors the output is lower in stagnant solutions than in agitated ones. This is due to the sensor consuming oxygen and creating a depletion layer in the proximity of the cathode. In a stagnant solution if the sample is not updated faster than the sensor consumes the oxygen a lower output results.

Also, this product sheet tells you info about oxygen sensor, dependence, maintenance, optimum pressure, and sensor.

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