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Many information related to speed, parts, heating, instrument, wind speed sensor, compact, signal output, mounting, and wind are presented in the product certificate. In this product certificate you can find explanation such as power supply, range, cable, velocity, product, speed sensor, signal, and measuring range.

The product certificate presents info like sensor, transmitter, measuring value, wind speed, power, pulses, output, and product certificate. Below are grabbed from the product certificate:

The wind sensor measures and transmits the horizontal wind speed. The measured values are available at the output as digital signal. The instrument could be used in the range of 0,5…50 m/s wind speed. An electronically-regulated heating system has been installed for wintertime use, in order to prevent the ball bearing and the external rotation parts from freezing. When using fastening adapters (angle, traverses etc.) please notice that turbulence could possibly influence the characteristic curve. The wind velocity is recorded by means of a low-inertia plastic cup star the ball-bearing axis of which is connected to a slotted disk or cup wheel.

In addition, the product certificate gives us information around supply, heater power supply, heater, value, resolution, connection, heater power, and starting velocity.

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