Project Report of Force Sensing Technologies-Matthias Fassler 2010

There are lots of things like element, sensor, optical force sensors, semiconductor strain gauges, output, piezoresistive, piezoresistive force sensors, magnetoresistive sensor, force, sensor properties, and the piezoelectric effect are presented inside the project report. This project report presents things such as touch sensor, tactile sensors, tactile sensor, magnetoresistive, reflection, ultrasonic force, array sensor, capacitive sensor, force sensors, transduction methods, and range.

Inside the project report the reader can learn description like sensor arrays, sensors, strain gauges, piezoelectric, tactile array sensor, sensing elements, desired sensor properties, strain gauge, applications, force sensing, and forces. The following are taken from the project report:

The total resistance with respect to the strain is given by R(ε) = (ε)l(ε) A( ε ) (2.1) with (ε) l (ε) A( ε ) = 0 (1 + πε) (2.2) = l0 (1 + ε) (2.3) = A0 (1 − νε)2 (2.4) This can be transformed into ∆R = (1 + 2ν + π )ε = Kε R0 (2.5) Where ∆R is the change in resistance, R0 is the resistance of the unstressed gauge, ν is the Poisson’s ratio of the conductor, π is a factor of the change of the relative resistance due to strain and ε is the strain.

Even more, this project report tells you info things like fundamental transduction methods, pressure, pneumatic touch sensor, piezoresistive force, tactile sensor array, the strain gauge, strain, piezoelectric effect, sensing element, force sensor, and sensor design.

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