Proximity Sensor Algorithms

This application note gives you things related to response, light, threshold crossing, register, count measurement, proximity response, proximity system, and distance. In this application note the reader can get description regarding design, application, ambient light reading, algorithm, threshold detail, detector, system, and flow chart.

Lots of explanation about operation, proximity system detecting, threshold, object, noise, measurement, proximity sensor, and proximity are explained inside the application note. The following are chosen from the application note:

Once the electrical and mechanical design considerations of a proximity sensor are determined, you must test your sensor in your product scenario. If the design requires the proximity sensor to identify an approaching object, then testing will reveal the proximity output counts with respect to distance. The shape of the output depends on the composition and reflectivity of the object. The proximity response then allows the designer to select an appropriate detection scheme.

Even more, this application note presents discussion such as ambient noise, crossing, delay, sensor, output, bytes, and decimal.

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