Proximity Sensor Application Notes from HSI Sensing

There are lots of discussion regarding zener diode, resistance, standard, strength, load, electrical load, protection, excessive physical shock, contact, testing methods, circuit board, housing, magnetic sensitivity, voltage rating, sensor, and level are described in the application note. This application note presents explanation related to internal reed switch, tungsten, contact performance, switch, applications, diode, reed switch, power level, performance, steel, application, release distance, actuator, cable, and ferrous material.

In the application note we can get information related to requirements, switching, internal contact, voltage, sensing, inductive loads, mounting, loads, current, the magnetic sensitivity, information, ratings, tungsten contacts, power level circuits, vibration, and distance. Below are taken from this application note:

Proximity Sensor Basics Proximity sensors are reed switches that are over-molded or assembled in housings to protect the switch and provide easy installation. Proximity sensors come in various housing sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be customized at HSI Sensing with a variety of wires, cables and connectors to suit your speci c application. Basic Function Proximity sensors are manufactured in one of several con gurations described below. The contacts will either complete or interrupt a circuit when the actuator comes within proximity of the sensor. Basic Configurations Form A SPST (Single pole, single throw) contains a normally open contact that closes when an actuator comes within the speci ed operate distance.

In addition, the application note gives you more things like load time, proximity sensor, proximity, components, contact resistance, circuit, internal contact performance, standard testing, transient voltage, wire, inductive load, proximity sensor operation, power, internal reed, and housing wire cable.

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