Pulse and Blood Pressure Procedures for Household Interviewer

This instruction manual presents info such as artery, blood pressure equipment, equipment, mercury spill, measurement, compression, control, pressure readings, calibrated, pressure control valve, pressure control, measurement form, and inflation. In this instruction manual the reader can read things such as procedures, valve, calibrated glass, brachial pulse, blood pressure readings, system, measurements, pulse, maximum inflation level, pressure measurements, reading, and blood pressure measurements.

Many explanation regarding diastolic, light pressure, manometer tubing, inflatable rubber, pressure, stethoscope, heart, manometer, blood, brachial, diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, and diaphragm are described in this instruction manual. These are some excerpt from the instruction manual:


Even more, the instruction manual tells you discussion such as systolic, radial pulse, maximum inflation, pressure measurement, pressure sounds, compression cuff, control valve, cuff, stethoscope diaphragm, blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse points.

Download Pulse and Blood Pressure Procedures for Household Interviewer pdf
File size: 0.511 MB, number of pages: 75, download server: www.cdc.gov
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